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The Shinymetrics class allows tracking many number of things.

However, it is recommended to use the track_recommended() method. This method will track the following:

  • inputs
  • outputs
  • errors
  • file_downloads
  • page_views
  • busy_idle

This means that


is equivalent to


Shinymetrics will let you track more than the above but these other events bring little value to the tracking of the application and likely will consume your events quota for little return.

Input and Output

The track_input and track_output methods will fire events every time an input, e.g.: textInput is used, and every time an output, e.g.: plotOutput is rendered, respectively.


Will track errors, the error message, when and where they occur.

File Downloads

Will track file downloads from downloadHandler(). This does not store the downloaded file, it only track is name.

Page View

Track page views: fires an event at every visit.

Busy Idle

Tracks when the server is computing something when the computations are done and the server goes back to idle.

E.g.: An application provides a button that triggers the run of a model, the application then displays the results of the model in a plot and a table. When the user clicks the button it spins the model server-side: the “busy” event fires. After the plot and table are sent from the server to the front-end the server is done and the “idle” event fires.